Insurance Conditions

Vehicle Requirements
  1. 1. Light Vehicles up to 3,500 kg gross weight
  2. 2. Vehicle owned by a individual person, of particular use and not a trader
  3. 3. With maximum occupancy of 9 people
  4. 4. Portuguese registration
  5. 5. Maximum age of 15 years old
  6. 6. With periodical inspection valid and in force
  7. 7. Commercial Value (Eurotax) up to € 60,000
Driver Requirements
  1. 1. Minimum age of 21 years old
  2. 2. Driving licenses obtained for more than 2 years and valid in Portugal
  3. 3. The nationality of a Member State of the European Union, the Portuguese-speaking African countries, the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, the People's Republic of China or Japan.
  1. 1. Civil Liability: 6.000.000€ (six million Euros)
  2. 2. Shock, collision or overturning
  3. 3. Fire, lightning or explosion
  4. 4. Theft or robbery
  5. 5. Nature phenomena
  6. 6. Social and political risks
  7. 7. Travel assistance
Car Insurance

Insurance applicable on coverage of damage to your vehicle on the commercial value of the vehicle: 2% or 4% of the value vehicle insurance, as option expressed by the lessee. The relief is a fixed value established, that in the event of a claim shall be deducted to compensation payable by the insurer

Other Conditions

The rental period to cover in the insurance cannot be greater than 30 (thirty) days Read carefully the conditions before you rent the vehicle. The scope of coverage is only Portugal (the insurance has no validity in Spain).

Event of an accident/breakdown

How to act after a car accident?

Stay calm and follow these steps:

1. Indicate the location of the accident

Wear the prismatic vest and flag the location, placing the triangle at least 30 meters; and, if possible, connect the four indicators.

2. Have been any people injured?

If the accident results in injuries, call immediately 112 and do not try to move or move the wounded. In the case of motorcyclists, do not remove the helmet or garments.

3. Photograph the vehicles

Photograph the vehicles involved in the positions in which they were, after the occurrence of the accident.

4. Fill out the declaration of car accident (day)

This document is the most convenient way to participate a sinister, because gathers a set of informations necessary for the company to settle as soon as possible the problem arising from the sinister. Fill out the declaration of car accident (Day), which must be signed by the players in the accident regardless of fault.

What is the friendly statement (DAAA)?

The Declaration of car accident (DAAA) is the legal form, established by the Supervisory Authority of Insurance and Pension Funds (ASF), which should be used for participation of claims and that you should always have with you while traveling on the road. The document must be completed by the parties involved in the accident and its main goal is to simplify the entire process of determining liability and settlement of the claim by the insurer.

5. Witnesses

If there are witnesses, identify them. If there are no injuries and the circumstances of the accident are fully clarified, this precludes the intervention by the authorities.

Report an incident

In case of an incident, report it to Bookingdrive:

Phone: +351 913 909 407
Even if you are not guilty, file the claim by sending the copy of the Accident Mutual Statement (Declaração Amigável - DAAA).

What documents do I need to have at the time of the incident?
The provisional insurance certificate of the Global Drive Policy, the car registration document and driving license.
When completing the Accident Mutual Statement - DAAA, use the Global Drive data as Insured and your information in the Driver fields.

What to do in case of theft or robbery?
Report the theft or robbery of the vehicle to the nearest police station and request a copy of the incident claim.
Send it to

What’s the process for a claim resolution?
The entire process is managed by Bookingdrive with the Insurer.

Useful Information

Repairs / Security Deposit

The Repair Order is issued directly by the Insurer to the workshop (s). The repair will always be done in an official repair shop chosen by the owner. The CRC (Collision and Rollover Collision), FLE (Fire, Lightning and Explosion), TH (Theft or Robbery) and VAP (Vehicle Assistance Plus) coverages will be 2% or 4% of the security deposit - according to the option chosen by the driver. The Repair Order is issued directly by the Insurer to the workshop (s). The repair will always be done in an official repair shop chosen by the owner. The security deposit inserted in the platform are defined one by one by Insurer.

Expert appraisal of claims below security deposit

The Insurer conducts an expert's report whenever the claim is made. If the value of the repair is less than the security deposit, there will be no compensation from the Insurer.

Total Losses

The compensation amount to be paid in the coverage for Own Damage shall be based on the commercial value of the vehicle (Eurotax) at the time of the claim, if this is equal to or less than the insurance value. Same applies to the insurance value at the time of the claim, if this value is lower than the value of the vehicle at the same date. The Insurer may choose to repair the car, to replace it, or to pay compensation for damages. The salvage vehicle is always kept by the owner.