Who we are

Sharing is not just driving commerce but also culture.

We have entered an age of collaborative consumption and We-Commerce is a vital economic engine powering our future.

We create our own communities. Jorge Joaquim Mendes Forte and Tiago Gali Macedo launched Bookingdrive.com by the end of 2016 aiming to create the first community and platform for mobility services.

Jorge Forte is 50 years old, CEO and entrepreneur in multiple branches of activity, accumulating other socio-economic responsibilities as Executive Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Portugal - Dominican Republic and vice-president of the Ibero-American Forum.

Tiago Gali Macedo is 46 years old, founding partner of Gali Macedo e Associados and administrator of several companies in multiple branches of activity. He has been the vice president of the General Assembly of ANJE (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs - Portugal), as well as the Founder of the Magellan Association - Association for the Representation of Portuguese Interests Abroad.


Board of Directors

Jorge Forte


Tiago Gali Macedo

Co-Founder & Board Member

CONSULTANTS in Digital Marketing and New Information Technologies

Paulo Alves


João Neto